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  Brittany Puppies
 Mags (JZ's Magnum Garnet Rose, Maggie) and Mini (Cutty) are doing great in their new homes:
Fishing/Cutty1.jpg  Fishing/Mags.jpg  Cutty Hunting 
              Cutty-water retrieves                                     Cutty retrieveing                          Cutty with her new Brittany Family
 Maggs fetching  Fishing/Magsfirstshow.jpg
              Maggie-water retrieves                Maggie in her first show with Shea

May 13, 2014: Mini 9# 6 oz
Fishing/Miniinthefield.jpg  Fishing/Miniinthefield2.jpg Fishing/Miniinthefield1.jpg

 May 13, 2014: Maggs 10# 4 oz 
Fishing/maggs51314.jpg Fishing/Maggsinfield1.jpg Fishing/Maggsinfield2.jpg

May 7, 2014: Mini 7# 12 oz
         Fishing/Mini5714F.jpg  Fishing/Mini5714L.jpg Fishing/Mini5714R.jpg Fishing/mini.jpg

May 7, 2014: Maggs 9# 7 oz  
      Fishing/Maggs5714F.jpg Fishing/Maggs5714l2.jpg Fishing/Maggs5714R.jpg Fishing/Maggs.jpg

April 30, 2014: Mini 6# 11 oz
                                                  Fishing/Mini43014F.jpg Fishing/Mini43014R.jpg

April 30, 2014: Maggs 7# 15 oz
                                                                       Fishing/Maggs43014F.jpg Fishing/Maggs43014R.jpg

April 23, 2014: Mini 5# 9 oz
                                                    Fishing/Mini42314F.jpg Fishing/Mini42314CR.jpg Fishing/Mini42314.jpg
                                                         They are filling out into little dogs                   barking, running, and wresting!

April 23, 2014: Maggs 6# 5 oz
      Fishing/MM42314.jpgFishing/Maggs42314F.jpg Fishing/Maggs42314L.jpg Fishing/Mags42314R.jpg
                                                       Someone had a lot of energy today!                           Profile pictures were not on her agenda

April 16, 2014: Mini 4# 6 oz 
       Fishing/Mini.jpg Fishing/Mini41614F.jpgFishing/Minnie41614.jpgFishing/Mini41614R.jpg

April 16, 2014: Maggs 5# 1.6 oz 
       Fishing/MiniMaggs.jpg   Fishing/Mags41614.jpg  Fishing/Mags41614L.jpgFishing/Mags41614R.jpg

April 9, 2014: Mini 3# 5.4 oz 
       Fishing/MiniApril9yawn.jpg Fishing/MiniApril9.jpg Fishing/MiniApril9L.jpg  Fishing/MiniApril9R.jpg 
                                                               Mini was not up for the face shot 

April 9, 2014: Maggs 3# 10.6 oz
                                             Fishing/MaggsApril9.jpg Fishing/MaggsApril9L.jpg Fishing/maggsApril9R.jpg

April 2, 2014:  Mini 2# 1oz
Fishing/Mini4-2-14.jpg Fishing/Mini4-2-144.JPG Fishing/Mini4-2-147.JPG 

April 2, 2014:  Maggs  2# 5oz
Fishing/Maggs24-2-142.jpg Fishing/Maggs24-2-14.jpgFishing/Maggs24-2-143.jpg

March 28, 2014:  Everyone is doing great.

March 26, 2014, 9:23am:  Two girls!!!  very healthy: Mini and Magnum.  
Fishing/IMG20140326123706597Copy.jpg Fishing/IMG20140326124239085Copy.jpg
  Magnum (Maggs) 474 grams Mini 404 grams

Update March 23, 2014:   We had an x-ray taken which showed the presence of 2 precious puppies, a bit of a surprise but we are happy to have two. 
xray31114.jpg 3-23-14Fishing/32114CRP.jpg
                               X-ray you can make out the spinal cords & skulls           Ruby in her whelping Box              Ruby trying out the puppies warming box :)

 Update March 11, 2014:  Another photo of Ruby today.  She is getting very large, plump and not very well groomed. :)  Just to get our minds on puppies,
to the right is a photo of Ruby at about 9-10 weeks old.   Fishing/Ruby31114Copy.JPG Fishing/Ruby2009.jpg

Update March 6, 2014:   Ruby at 42 days.  Her belly is growing larger making room for the puppies! (Best photo I could get by myself)  Fishing/3-6-14croppedCopy.jpg

Update February 13, 2014:  Ultra sound completed this morning on Ruby shows presence of puppies!  Based on averages the expected due date is from the 25-29th of March.  We will keep updates post here so keep checking as we get closer!  Very exciting news! 

Update January 27, 2014:  We just arrived home with Ruby.  Ruby bred with Quinn on January 24th and 25th so we should have puppies 60-70 days from then.  We ended up driving to pick her up on our way back from our vacation. 

Update January 10, 2014:  Planned breeding Ruby X Quinn.  Ruby is definitely in heat today.  We are taking Ruby to California on Wednesday next week. Breeding with Quinn should take place within a week of her arrival. Anyone interested in these puppies please call Jim at (208) 871-1656 or send us an email at jim@arcticcreeklodge.com

Fishing/Quinn.jpgFishing/2012ruby.jpgCH Warbonnet Ruby Tuesday JH

OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal


BIS BISS GCH CH RJ's Sierra Edition MH

OFA Good, Elbows Normal

Ruby is a sister and litter mate to Rye, here is a link to their pedigree:  Ruby's Pedigree

Quinn is owned by RJ Kennels, here is Quinn's Pedigree:  Quinn's Pedigree


"QUINN" was #1 Brittany in the AKC rankings for 2 1/2 years. During that time he won Best of Breed medals at the Westminster Kennel Club and the AKC-Eukanuba National Championships (plus Sporting Group 4). He is a Best In Show dog as well as having won multiple Specialty Shows. He retired as #1 after those 2 1/2 years to go on with his field training and achieved his Master Hunter title. He now has 4 litters on the ground and we will be watching their development in the coming years. Several are already Champions Our thank yous to show handlers, Clint Livingston and Bill McFadden, for bringing him along to those top show rankings/awards and to field handler, Pierre Urrutia, who trained/handled him to the Master Hunter level! Quinn and Pierre have also competed in a limited number of field trials in which Quinn has placed several times...including first in a Limited Gun Dog stake! Summer 2013 QUINN took a limited return spin in the show ring, starting at Woofstock where he was Select Male 3 out of 4 days. During the Summer Specialty Cluster he placed in the top 5 male Specials 3 out or 5 shows.

Our goal with this breeding is to produce a great dual Brittany.  These Brittanys will be excellent hunting, show, and field trial dogs maintaining or improving on the breed standard.
Both Pups have gone to good homes! 

Deposits Received:


1.  Belt, MT

2.  Carmen, ID

For more information please contact us at:
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