Artic II

"Artic II" is a USCG inspected passenger vessel approved to haul 23 passengers and 2 crew or about 5000 pounds. She is powered by three 6.0 liter 375hp GM vortec engines and three HJ212 jet pumps. The new GM engines are "Three Star CARB" rated ultra-low emissions. This means they are very good for the environment. Artic II's primary mission is hauling float groups back up the Salmon River and scenic tours with large groups of people. Artic II was built in 1991 by Oakes Manufacturing and repowered in 2007.

Artic VI

Our 21 foot outboard is used for extreme low water levels on the Main Salmon River. It was built by Bob Smith in 1999 and is power by two 60 hp mercury 4 strokes which are also ultra-low emissions. We use this boat for a variety of applications from fishing to surveying the river. If you are in need of transportation on the Salmon River in extreme low water levels this is the boat. In the picture above the 21 foot outboard is being used to survey the water depths at the Cove Creek Bridge near Panther Creek.

"Artic VI" is also a USCG inspected vessel approved to haul 17 passengers and 2 crew or about 3800 pounds. She is powered by two 6.0 liter 400hp GM vortec engines with the ultra-low emissions rating. Artic VI is the backbone of our steelhead fishing operation and provides the transport to and from the lodge during steelhead season. She is the newest addition to out fleet and was completed in May 2010 by Oakes Manufacturing in Asotin, Washington.

Artic V

Artic 21' Outboard

Our 24 foot outboard is now a USCG inspected vessel. She was built in 1999 by Oakes Manufacturing and inspected in May of 2010. This boat is primarily used during low water time for our steelhead fishing operations. The 24 foot outboard is also used during August and September low water periods and higher water flows around the town of Salmon. This vessel is approved to haul 12 passengers and 1 crew or about 2000 pounds.